Join us for a free 30 minute live webinar to learn how boardPro can streamline your board process and make life easier for your board members.

We offer live demos Tuesdays and Thursdays to give you an overview on how you can get the most out of BoardPro.  Demos typically last about 20 minutes and we leave plenty of time for Q&A, so feel free to bring up any specific questions you might have!



Can't wait? 

Watch a pre-recorded webinar (from June 2018):        


In this webinar you will learn how to:

  1. Use boardPro to build a meeting schedule, agendas, minutes and board packs.

  2. Streamline your board process - saving up to 50% of backoffice administration.

  3. Make life easier for your board members including:
    - finding important documents
    - dealing with action items
    - gaining confidence on compliance matters like health & safety