A guide to board governance for private businesses

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Aug 15, 2022 5:43:52 PM

There are many reasons why board governance is essential for private business owners, ranging from selling the business to protecting what has been built. 

Entrepreneurs are typically determined and assured. Therefore often the idea for them to need to work with a board of equally strong-willed directors can be overwhelming. However, whether it is elevating a business or taking advice from an experienced business owner, a board of directors can be invaluable to a business and does not have to be an arduous experience. 

Here at BoardPro, we have compiled a guide to board governance to help you understand and build a practical and essential part of your business in the simplest, most straightforward manner. 

Topics include:

  • What is board governance?
  • Why does it matter for private businesses?
  • Does board size matter?
  • Trends in the field
  • What are the key governance roles?
  • What are the best practises?
  • Getting started?
  • How big is a board?
  • Finding directors
  • Compensating directors
  • Can the owner be the chair?
  • What to avoid
  • Owner troubleshooting
  • Exiting

governance booklet


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