How to Onboard New Board Members

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Mar 15, 2022 12:00:00 AM

In theory, the onboarding process may seem straightforward. Your board has carefully screened and recruited individuals who are seemingly most willing to go the extra mile for your organisation, then you welcome your new recruits with an onboarding meeting that covers all their duties, responsibilities, expectations and anything else they need to know regarding your organisation. From there, they’re all set to fulfil the duties and perform as you’d expect, right?

Not quite. Sometimes, board meetings can go awry, especially when confusion and uncertainty arise, particularly when board members don’t have a solid grasp of their expectations, the meetings’ objectives or even just the basic board processes. And, unsurprisingly, when new board members don’t fully comprehend what their new commitment entails, this can throw meetings off track.

This is why a comprehensive onboarding process with a clear objective that reduces the time necessary to get everyone up to speed is vital.

With that, the team at BoardPro has put their heads together to bring you this ebook filled with actionable onboarding advice. Drawing from our team members’ personal experience, all of whom have served on boards for years, we are confident that this guide will help you maximise the impact of your orientation. 

This comprehensive onboarding guide is perfect for any modern board, regardless of the size of your organisation, that wants to create a seamless, valuable onboarding experience for new board members.

Within this ebook, you can expect five steps, details about BoardPro’s tools and a bonus checklist to help you welcome your new team members with open arms and equip them to do their best on your board. And we’re confident that this guide will give you the information you need to get new board members comfortable, contributing, and collaborating as quickly as possible!


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