New board members - the first 100 days

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Jun 17, 2022 10:54:27 AM

The day you join the leadership team on a board of directors is the day you become liable for the decisions of the board. Preparing for this responsibility, ensuring you are confident, enthusiastic and ready for the challenges that lay beyond the first board meeting, is the function of a well-designed board induction program. This is a crucial process which routinely suffers from a breakdown in implementation. No matter how experienced (or not) you are as a Director, the first 100 days sets the scene for your tenure.

The four key elements

There are four key elements that create a high performing Board Induction Program. These key elements need to be embedded into the Induction program

  • It is mandatory
  • The process and outcomes are formally monitored by the Governance committee or any equivalent committee
  • Mentors are assigned to each new Director, with a changeover of mentors after 6 months
  • The Induction program is at least 12 months in duration

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