The Power of Adding a Strategic and Revenue Perspective to Risk Management

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Jul 24, 2023 9:09:51 AM

In today's rapidly evolving governance landscape, it is crucial for Boards to adopt a fresh perspective on risk management—one that transcends the traditional notions of compliance and delves into the realm of strategic opportunity and embracing the untapped potential inherent in risk.

To facilitate this transformative mindset, I would like to share a simple yet powerful technique that can be implemented immediately. It begins with a close examination of your organisation's risk management policy. Consider augmenting it with a crucial addition—a statement that explicitly highlights the dual nature of risk: both as a potential threat and as a gateway to opportunity and new revenue.

By incorporating this concept into your policy, you will encourage individuals at all levels of your organisation to contemplate risk in a new light. It prompts them to explore the multifaceted dimensions of risk, empowering them to proactively identify strategic opportunities while managing potential impacts. This subtle adjustment may trigger a shift in perspective, stimulating fresh insights and transforming how risk is perceived within your organisation.

Too many risk policies just cut and paste the relevant parts of the various standards on risk, and call it their risk policy, without adapting the policy to provide even greater insight and mindset focus. A good risk policy not only provides the framework, but also the philosophy and guidance for those who deal with risk. It is essential to emphasise that this call for change does not disregard the significance of risk compliance or downplay its importance. Rather, it seeks to elevate risk management to a new level—one that acknowledges its strategic implications and propels organisations towards a future where risks are embraced and leveraged, not feared.

We have the power to reshape the narrative surrounding risk. By infusing our risk management policies with a focus on strategic opportunity and potential revenue arising from leveraging these risks, we cultivate a culture that embraces calculated risk-taking. This cultural shift empowers individuals to think beyond the confines of compliance, encouraging them to embrace uncertainty, and leverage risk as a catalyst for growth.


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