Acumentis: navigating incredible challenges with the help of BoardPro

Acumentis CFO John Wise ran an unprecedented 77 board meetings in one year to merge three businesses, counter cyber security challenges, navigate a rebrand and an ASX capital raise. BoardPro made it possible.

If it wasn't for BoardPro, I don't think I'd still be smiling after the year we had

BoardPro has been instrumental in helping Acumentis become more resilient and withstand obstacles whilst managing their stakeholders, CFO John Wise explained.

Today, Acumentis is Australia's only independent, locally owned, ISO and IREP-certified, ASX-listed property valuation and advisory firm. Historically, they would have held 10 or so meetings annually. Recently they held 77 meetings in one year - and 11 in a single month!

"BoardPro made this possible, enabling us to quickly build well-organised agendas, prepare and distribute the board packs, store important supporting documentation, facilitate remote meetings, ensuring accurate and timely minutes, recording decisions and actions, and automating reminders. With so many meetings and so much to manage, BoardPro made everything possible by hugely reducing administration while simultaneously improving quality.

For a CFO, navigating through unprecedented times has been an incredible challenge. A big part of getting through this was having BoardPro in the mix. So we're big fans here, absolutely."

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John Wise, CFO of Acumentis
John Wise
Chief Financial Officer

About Acumentis

With unsurpassed property expertise, Acumentis provides a unique service offering across all property classes. This includes residential, commercial, rural, agribusiness and government portfolios.

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