Blis Technologies: discovering an easy to use board software

With more than five years spent as a professional director on four different boards, it’s fair to say Veronica Aris is well versed in the challenges boards face

It’s so easy to use. It’s a very simple tool to put a lot of complex data into

So when Veronica first started using BoardPro at Blis Technologies in 2017, she quickly saw the benefits it offered and became the driving force in getting three other boards she sat on to adopt the software too.

In fact, one CEO was so impressed after getting a demo from Veronica, he’d already implemented BoardPro before she arrived back home that afternoon – impressive!

It’s clear Veronica is a big fan of BoardPro. She shared numerous examples of how BoardPro has helped her and her colleagues, particularly around the sometimes complicated area of compliance, but there was one consistent theme – using BoardPro just makes things easier!

Whether it’s having a central repository to store important documents, the simplicity of recording information, or the sheer amount of time saved preparing meetings, BoardPro helps at every stage of the process.“It’s so easy to use. It’s a very simple tool to put a lot of complex data into”, says Veronica. “The way I see it, it’s not my information it’s the company’s. Going forward it’s going to make life easier for everyone, and people will have the historical information they need to make better decisions.”

Veronica Aris standing in front of a garden
Veronica Aris
Professional Director

About Veronica

A Chartered Marketer, Veronica has an extensive career in senior management roles leading marketing and sales strategies for primary care consumables, pharmaceuticals, natural health care supplements, consumer and safety products. She brings a wealth of experience to the boardroom that spans governance, sales and marketing strategy, HR practices and risk management.

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