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Nigel Scott is a professional director on four boards. He has used BoardPro for over two years, and his conclusion? "It actually really does make the job of governance that much easier!"

"What amazed me about BoardPro is how easy was to use from the beginning"

Nigel Scott, professional director, describes his experience with BoardPro.

"I work as a professional director sitting on four boards, including Hobson Wealth. Three of those are commercial boards and one is a not-for-profit. I've used BoardPro for over two years now. And I find it really simple to use.

For me, it's great. I have one login, and I can go in and see all my board packs in the one place. For the boards that I sit on, it saves us time and it's more efficient - and we can keep our board packs up to date! In the past, we used to have 150-page board packs, and they used to be printed for everyone. So when they needed changes at the last minute, what could we do? Now, all the directors can be informed at the same time, and everything is up to date.

Even better is that we can go back over our past board packs and see the record and transparency of the decisions that we've made. Three of the boards that I sit on are in the financial services sector. And due to the recent change in regulations, it's absolutely vital that our directors have records of decisions that they made (and the reasons why), and transparency should an audit need to be done.

What amazed me about BoardPro is how easy was to use from the beginning. Within an hour, all the directors were fully conversant with the features of BoardPro. And if they needed any support, the BoardPro support team was with them via online chat within minutes. The most common piece of feedback I hear from my fellow directors about implementing BoardPro is that they say, we wish we'd done it earlier! It actually really does make the job of governance that much easier."

Nigel Scott, director at Hobson Wealth
Nigel Scott

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