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Running board meetings takes a considerable amount of time, from setting the agenda, receiving feedback, preparing board papers, taking minutes, assigning actions, and all of the follow up. 

Providing a more effective, focused way to run a meeting

As the CEO of SPM Assets Group, Steve Lyons needed a way to effectively manage his board meetings including preparation, minute taking and following up actions.

Running these meetings took considerable time setting the agenda, gaining feedback, preparing board papers, taking notes, creating the minutes, assigning action items, and following up actions. Considering the amount of time needed for these tasks, Steve needed to find a solution to free up his time and gain more value from the meetings.

SPM Asset’s biggest pain…‍

Steve says “The biggest pain that triggered my search for a board management solution was that we needed all board documents available in one central place, and to be able to access them securely, anywhere, anytime”. As their board members and advisory panel are divided between Sydney, Adelaide and Auckland, BoardPro gives them a secure central location to access their information.

One of the standout features for Steve has been the minute-taking. Steve has found it so effective that it has cut out the need for having a minute-taker in their meetings at all. “I can take the minutes as the Chair, and establish action items as we go…” By the time the meeting is finished, Steve is ready to send the minutes straight out to his board members.

Steve saluted BoardPro as being “intuitive” software that anyone should be able to pick up. He says, “both our Board and Advisory Panel have also enjoyed the product and embraced it” BoardPro is an easy-to-use governance tool for company boards.

About Steve

Sydney based Steve is the CEO of SPM Assets and has over 20 years of experience in providing asset management advice. Recent experience includes community housing, social housing, public private partnerships, healthcare, schools, universities, and a variety of other large scale asset portfolio owners.

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Steve Lyons
Chief Executive

About SPM Assets Group

Starting in 2001 from Auckland, SPM Assets now has customers in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the United States. The software datatizes the lifecycle planning process for buildings to make them last longer using an approach that is based on assessments, analysis and planning. The solution provides the tools to think and plan long term, identifies what’s coming up next year, and what’s at risk now. It’s all about better planning to reduce the premium paid for reactive callout.

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