Surf Life Saving NSW: one-stop-shop for governance

BoardPro helps Surf Life Saving NSW with contemporary and transparent governance within their organisation. 

BoardPro delivers time back to our organisation, so we can spend more time saving lives

Surf Life Saving NSW is one of the most iconic organisations in New South Wales, and the peak body for coastal rescue services up and down the NSW Coast. Last year they rescued 4,500 people.

One of their organisational goals is to help develop young Australians. They develop future leaders with their members as well. Steven Pearce, CEO says;  "We are an inclusive organisation. It's just such a wonderful organisation to be a part of."

"We use BoardPro for both our boards, and for all our committees. It's basically the one-stop-shop for all our governance documentation. And it just saves our administrative staff so much time in its use.

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It enables us to track actions, and it also gives us a clear delineation, in regards to conflicts of interest; everything that's required of us to show us that we're a contemporary and transparent organisation - and BoardPro helps facilitate that. The time that we save using BoardPro allows us to use more time to save people's lives. It's been a really wonderful piece of technology that we've brought into Surf Life Saving NSW.


Steven Pearce, CEO of Surf Life Saving NSW
Steven Pearce
Chief Executive Officer

About Surf Life Saving NSW 

Their mission is simple; saving lives, creating great Australians and building better communities.

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