TSB Community Trust: seamless and paperless board papers

"As a good governance board, our trustees expect information that’s succinct and easy to understand"

BoardPro is consistent with the modern way of working

At TSB Community Trust, transparency is a key principle that guides their daily practices.

For Dion Maaka, the man responsible for the management of information systems and delivery of information, BoardPro has not only helped improve the transparency of information, it’s also provided a number of other benefits.“As a good governance board, our trustees expect information that’s succinct and easy to understand” says Dion. “Having a central repository for all board papers and management reports allows us to be more transparent with this information and ensures there is a single source of truth that can be referred back to any at any time”.

Using BoardPro brings board preparation in line with the way Dion and his colleagues work on a day-to-day basis. “From a management perspective, it’s a lot more efficient. The old process was laborious and paper-based, it was clunky. BoardPro provides a mechanism for trustees to have seamless and paperless board papers, which is more consistent with the modern way of working.”And not only is management working more efficiently (checking the board pack before sending now only takes half an hour, compared to half a day before BoardPro!), they’re also able to produce information to a higher standard and the quality of the board pack itself is “significantly better”.

So, a simple process has been made quicker and easier and it’s also helping to generate credibility for management presenting to the board. That’s great!

Dion Maaka wearing a white button up shirt on a pink background
Dion Maaka
Finance Risk & Group Strategy Leader

About TSB Community Trust

The TSB Community Trust was established as a charitable trust in 1988. The Trust is committed to championing positive opportunities and being an agent of change for Taranaki now and in the future. Each year the Trust receives a dividend from its assets, including TSB, that it can apply towards supporting towards charitable, cultural, philanthropic, recreational and other purposes beneficial to the community of Taranaki.

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