Effective: 7 June 2020

Protecting your data

We’re committed to the security of your organisation’s data and provide multiple layers of protection for the governance information you trust to BoardPro.

You control access

As a BoardPro customer you have the flexibility and control to invite unlimited users into your organisation to collaborate on your governance matters.  The administrators of your organisation have control over who has access and what they are able to do. Our customer support staff do not access your information unless you invite them to help.  Please see our Privacy Policy for further information relating to use and storage of personal information.

User authentication

We provide standard access to the BoardPro software through a login and password.

Data encryption

We encrypt all data that goes between you and BoardPro using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security), protecting your governance data end-to-end with SHA-256 bit encryption.

All uploaded documents are also encrypted at rest when stored on our servers, and also encrypted when transferred between data centres for backup and replication.

Secure data centres

BoardPro’s servers are located within enterprise-grade Australasian data centres that employ robust physical security controls to prevent physical access to the servers they house. These controls include 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance, on-site security staff and regular ongoing security audits. BoardPro maintains multiple geographically separated data replicas and hosting environments to minimise the risk of data loss or outages.

BoardPro does not send sensitive information to third party applications in delivering the service

BoardPro uses third-party analytics services to help us understand your usage of our services. In particular, we provide a limited amount of your organisation information (such as the name) for analytics purposes when you use our product.

BoardPro does NOT send sensitive information to any third party.  Sensitive Information includes details of Meetings, Agendas or Minutes, Documents or communication content. This is never sent out of BoardPro without your instruction.

BoardPro can aggregate your non-identifiable data

By using the Service, you agree that BoardPro can access, aggregate and use non-identifiable data BoardPro has collected from you. This data will in no way identify your organisation or any individual.

BoardPro may use this aggregated non-identifiable data to:

  • assist us to better understand how our customers are using the Service,
  • provide our customers with further information regarding the uses and benefits of the Service,
  • otherwise to improve the Service.

Disaster recovery and readiness

BoardPro performs real-time data replication between our geographically diverse, protected facilities, to ensure your data is available and safely stored. This means that should even an unlikely event occur, such as an entire hosting facility failure, we can switch over quickly to a backup site to keep BoardPro and your organisation running. We transmit data securely, across encrypted links.

Constant updates and innovation

We’re constantly enhancing BoardPro, delivering new features and performance improvements. Updates are delivered frequently, with many of them delivered without interrupting you.

Contacting BoardPro

Please contact us if you have any questions about this policy. You may contact us at or at our mailing address below:

BoardPro Limited
101 Pakenham St West
Wynyard Quarter, Auckland 1010
New Zealand