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Jun 15, 2023 1:18:05 PM

The Power of Remote Work and Virtual Meetings

In today's ever-changing landscape, adopting a forward-thinking philosophy is crucial for boards to thrive. It involves preparing your board to expect the unexpected and empowering them to work remotely while embracing new technology. The recent pandemic has shed light on the importance of remote board functionality during times of business disruption or crisis. As we navigate these challenging times, it has become evident that practices adopted out of necessity, like virtual board meetings, may become permanent fixtures in the post-pandemic world.

The Silver Lining of Going Virtual:

The transition to virtual meetings has brought unexpected benefits. Directors have reported that the lack of travel time and scheduling complexities associated with in-person meetings have become a welcome convenience. By eliminating geographical barriers, virtual meetings have provided greater flexibility and efficiency. Directors now prioritise making virtual meetings work seamlessly, ensuring every participant can actively engage, rather than treating remote attendees as an afterthought. This shift has significantly enhanced the effectiveness and inclusivity of board discussions. 

A note of warning however, many Boards have stated that running hybrid meetings (some Directors online and some Directors together in a room) does not work well, and there is a growing trend to either having all Directors online, or all Directors in the room physically.

Widening the Net for Recruitment:

Remote meetings have also revolutionised board recruitment. Location is no longer a limiting factor in attracting top-performing, next-generation directors. With virtual platforms, boards can cast a wider net, seeking diverse and talented individuals irrespective of their geographic location. This expanded reach enhances board diversity, leading to richer discussions, more varied perspectives, and ultimately, better decision-making.

The Essential Role of Board Technology:

As boards embrace remote work, the importance of board management technology (aka Board Portals) has surged. These technological tools facilitate seamless communication, enable directors to connect with each other, and ensure efficient preparation and participation in board meetings. Board technology streamlines communication channels, making it time-efficient for board administrators and convenient for directors to access relevant information and engage in discussions. With intuitive platforms and collaborative features, directors can stay connected, share documents securely, and contribute to board decisions effectively.


The future of board governance lies in embracing remote work and virtual meetings. The pandemic has forced us to adapt and has shown us the immense potential of these practices. By empowering your board to work remotely and leveraging board technology, you can unlock new levels of productivity, efficiency, and inclusivity. 

Together, let's embrace the opportunities presented by the digital age and shape a future of effective board governance.

Remember, the unexpected will always be a part of the board's journey, but by adopting a forward-thinking approach, your board will be well-prepared to navigate any challenge that comes its way.

Join us on this transformative journey toward a future of resilient and impactful board governance. 

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