Streamline Board Operations with BoardPro: Enhance Productivity and Accountability

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Jun 18, 2021 12:00:00 AM

You and your fellow board members are busy, we get it. That’s why we’ve built features into BoardPro that make your lives easier. Plus the savings on the organisation’s administration time and resources mean the software pays for itself.

1. Stay current, never lose a document:

Ever lost a paper and gone hunting for it? Been too embarrassed to email the CEO / Chair and ask for a new copy? Searching for documents is disruptive and time consuming, it can kill productivity before, during and after meetings!

Having online board papers means no more hunting through paper folders, emails or shared files and wondering if you’ve got the latest version. Key documents are stored ready for the next meeting in BoardPro’s cloud based document repository; where professional Board packs are created. This is online board document storage that works for you.

2. Keep the momentum, take action:

The Law of ‘Diminishing intent’ effects leaders every day. It happens to all of us. We start a new task or project with the deadline in mind, other priorities take over, tasks are forgotten and not followed up! Rather than relying on your Chair-person or the administration team to chase up action items, BoardPro automatically drives the follow up process to ensure everyone is on track and accountable:

  • Action items are created during the meeting as they are discussed.
  • Automatic notifications and the all-important reminders are sent to individuals.
  • Accountability built in, action lists visibly updated.

3. Faster, tighter minutes, in your hands after the meeting:

Getting quality minutes out to every Board member quickly is so important for momentum. That lag time waiting for meeting minutes to be produced is like taking your foot off the gas; but in the past rushing the process meant quality and accuracy could be compromised. This doesn’t have to be case, BoardPro significantly cuts down the time taken simply because minute taking follows the agenda structure as it happens: key points, allocation of actions and decisions are captured with ease in real time. All it takes is a little polishing after the meeting closes, and they can be sent straight away; they might even arrive in your inbox before you arrive back to your office.

I handed our secretary a laptop at the start of a meeting and said “try this (BoardPro).” She’d never used it before but picked it up instantly and, long story short the minutes were out the next day with everyone clear on the actions for the month. That’s a big change from receiving the minutes the day before the next meeting.

The next meeting when looking for approval to purchase BoardPro she said “I’m not going back, if you don’t buy it you may have to find a new secretary.”

Mike Lay, Chair, Selwyn Sport Trust

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