5 Top Priorities of Board Administrators

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Jan 6, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Board administrators have a vital part to play in making sure board operations are effective and efficient. We discuss the top responsibilities board administrators must cover, to better understand the important work they do for the organisation.

The Role of Board Administrators

Board administrators are basically in charge of supervising and managing the organisation’s board of directors. Usually, they have to deal with all the ad hoc tasks that are related to coordinating and preparing the meetings between board members. Board administrators are essential to how the boardroom functions, so they are vital to the organisation. Here are the 5 top priorities they handle regularly:

1. Coordination With Multiple Departments

Board coordinators handle the collection and collating of information from multiple departments and committees. They also provide updated reports, accommodate last-minute changes, provide outstanding assistance and they handle the administration of requests, queries, etc. Not to mention they collaborate with multiple teams, which is why it’s so important for them to have interpersonal and relational skills.

2. Organisation & Dissemination of Information

Board administrators are responsible for managing executive daily personal and professional calendars for deadlines, meetings, needs, and much more. They also must send important notifications, alerts, and updates on organisational issues. Additionally, they review and filter all the incoming correspondence and communications.

3. Preparation of Board Packs and Board Agendas for Meetings

Board administrators are in charge of preparing all the agenda items and they also update the board packs for every board meeting. They also organise and arrange the reports that will be used in board meetings and they record the minutes, not to mention they make sure the meeting follows the structured agenda workflow.

4. Maintenance, Review, and Filing of Important Documents

Another major priority for board administrators is the secure management of a document repository, which is essential for confidential documents. They also need to quickly access references or documents that are required during presentations or meetings. Additionally, they control and ensure access to filed document versions and keep them updated.

5. Tracing Deliverables and Action Items

Board administrators are in charge of making sure all post-meeting documents are distributed so everyone has access to recorded notes and action plans assigned by the board agenda. They also constantly track and follow up on pending action items both before and after the board meeting. What’s more, they keep an eye on board members, teams, departments, etc., for set deliverables and task ownership.

How to Help Board Administrators Perform Better

There’s no denying that board administrators don’t have an easy job and it can get very overwhelming at times. They are in charge of a wide variety of tasks and duties, so providing helpful tools will allow them to be better and more effective at their jobs while reducing their burden.

Board management solutions are incredible digital tools that can help board administrators improve their performance. These tools will allow them to optimise ad hoc tasks so they are free to focus on more important responsibilities. BoardPro offers an outstanding board management solution that board administrators can take full advantage of.

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