5 essential tips for implementing board management software

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Feb 16, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Using technology to support board activities is no longer a convenience – it’s a necessity. However, making the transition from analogue to digital involves more than just a change in medium, it requires a strategic plan, from selection, to implementation, and through to adoption.

This article outlines how to ensure a smooth implementation of your board management software.

But first, why do you need this technology in your organisation?

Reasons for adopting board management software

Because you can’t go virtual without it 

Virtual meetings require better preparation and demand better collaboration from all the meeting attendees. So with board management software, boards and leadership teams can securely access their meeting materials anytime and anywhere in the world. On top of that, by making use of smart workflows and annotation features, providing an easy way for board members to interact with their board materials. 

Because board and leadership time is valuable 

Board management software makes searching and sifting through materials simple because previous packs are always accessible and searchable. They also enable the board to question, clarify and challenge materials before the meeting meaning that when it actually comes down to meeting, the actual time is used in the most efficient way. All of this can be done instantly, as changes can be made immediately.

Because you will win back admin time 

Whether it’s updating timings or waiting for couriers, these are minutes or hours that could undoubtedly be better spent reviewing papers, supporting authors to produce better reports and adding value to the board. With digitisation, organisations can save up to 80% of the administration time every month. And, it is with this saved time and resources, that teams can concentrate on issues and topics that truly matter. 

Because cyber security isn’t just for your IT team 

You might not suspect it, but unintentional human error is by far the leading cause of cybersecurity breaches. In fact, over half of the incidents are caused by employee mistakes! 

Some of the most important information an organisation produces is contained in its board materials, and the manual process of creating, collating and distributing that information to board members is filled with opportunities for a slip-up. And so automation means that human error and mistakes are minimised. 

Knowing that your board management software is covered with end-to-end data encryption, data security and replication, authentication and user access levels is essential.

Because it’s costing you more than you think 

Believe it or not, it’s not just printing and couriering expenses. Small organisations can spend 20–25 days per year on meeting preparation, costing thousands of dollars. Larger companies can even spend over 100 days of preparation and many hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the use of board portals, automating and simplifying the process will pay for itself, saving you time and money.

How to launch your board management software – successfully

So you’ve decided that adopting board management software will ensure you focus on what matters most and embrace virtual working. So now that you’ve made that first step, how can you ensure the launch and implementation is successful?

1. Know your audience 

Plan for objectors and early adopters. Involve those who are less confident with technology to test different solutions, and ask technology advocates to help others with tips, tricks and how-tos. If board software is needed for digital remote working, security, efficiency or environmental reasons, then these business imperatives must take precedence over personal working preferences.

2. Provide training in the form that suits 

Whilst we have designed BoardPro to be completely intuitive, there is always some degree of familiarisation and training needed. Whether that is self-set-up or remote training and onboarding, your board software provider should be able to accommodate most of your training requirements so that you can seamlessly integrate the technology into your organisation and team.

3. Get the tech ready before you need it. Test it. Then, go cold turkey

It is critical that everyone's first experience with your new board management software is a great one. So try it out with some past board agendas, minutes and board packs. Be prepared that challenges may arise with individuals – some directors may have problems with their WiFi, remembering their password for app store downloads or other typical teething problems unrelated to the software. But once everyone is set up successfully and has secure access to the device of their choosing, pull the plug on emailing PDFs or sending paper copies. If you keep everyone going with your new board software for even a month, you’ll be doing it for the next year without even knowing.

4. Understand the level of support you’re looking for and who’s going to provide it 

Getting great ongoing support from your technology provider is just as important as setting up your board management software. Make sure that time zone differences and potential local upheavals will not prevent you from accessing support. Check whether support operates 24/7 and their typical response rates. Confirm that the support persons understand well how boards work and what you and your users need.

5. Share best practices, tips, and tricks for the first three months 

This is where your advocates really come to life. 100% adoption is one thing, but great usage of all the features available to you is another. We all know that we leave a training session remembering about 20% of the functionality we see, so your board management software champions play a role in encouraging others to adopt the technology.

How BoardPro drives boardroom efficiency

Too often, agendas are packed with backward-looking, operational and short-term issues. Board packs can be long and poorly written. There is not enough alignment within the board, and there is too little focus on strategy and long-term success. 

BoardPro enables boards and leadership teams from small to large organisations to focus on what matters most, ensuring smarter meetings, decisions and actions. 

Priority planning and agenda management tools drive alignment across the board and leadership teams and make sure time is spent on those issues that will make the biggest difference. Agenda builders and best practice templates guarantee key questions are answered and that writers produce sharp, clear reports and papers that get to the heart of the issue quickly. 

When you're ready here's how BoardPro can help


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