How to Run Robust Board Meeting Cycles

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Apr 4, 2021 9:17:25 PM

Board meeting cycles are critical to running an effective board. 

So, rather than spending time and energy on reports that solely focus on what the board knows now, it is important that meeting cycles address large-scale issues that instead align with the strategic, risk, governance and operational requirements of the organisation in both the near and distant future.

Since board meeting cycles essentially guide the direction and build the workflow of a board in a year, all boards should master the art of designing a robust board meeting cycle. Therefore, in the whitepaper, “How to run robust board meeting cycles,” we discuss everything you need to know to create efficient and effective board meeting cycles.

In the whitepaper, we touch on four key issues to consider when it comes to designing robust board meeting cycles:

  1. Understand and continuously reflect on the role of the board
  2. Design strategic reflection into the board meeting cycle
  3. Ensure that the board committees service the needs of the board
  4. Design strategically focused board meeting agendas

Within each issue, we develop the ideas of why these points are paramount to successful board meetings. For example, does your board actually understand the role of the board? Do you ever make changes to the vision and the purpose of the board to develop new approaches and adapt to new challenges? Does your board make decisions and become close-minded to other alternatives? 

Do your board committees properly serve the overarching purpose of the board? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, then this whitepaper will help put you back on track to creating more worthwhile board meeting cycles to help your board tackle any strategic challenges you face.

In addition, we provide annotated examples of how you can implement such changes, work plans and agendas into your current board meeting cycle designing process. 

Go ahead and download your copy of the whitepaper today and take the first step to having an improved board meeting cycle!

Run a robust meeting cycle

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